Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I know why I am bitchy

My kids are driving me crazy and schools not even out yet!

My mood is becoming even more foul. I could really use some yoga and a little zen time.

Training is going to amping up VERY SOON. I have to run TODAY. I have noone to watch my kids so I can either make them come to the track, leave them alone at the house or bag it for the day... I hate all of my choices. I just want a little freedom to put on my shoes and go.

I really need to cut myself some slack. What should I expect after a day long field trip on a school bus with a bunch of first graders.... CALGON??!!!

1 comment:

Lyn said...

Hey there :)

I need a calgon hour myself. School's out here and I really need a moment to myself.

Hope everything else is going well!