Thursday, September 14, 2017

Whatever Works...

I am in a weekly text "weight loss" group - a few girls from work trying to support each other on our quests to be smaller. One woman was full guns, lost 30+ pound since January, but is now stalled out. She's in the low 200's and I really hope she'll find her mojo again... Another woman is sweet, but I can describe her as 'the 50-year-old-woman who never had a weight problem until menopause'. She's beautiful, stylish and once she filed for divorce lost the 20 she wanted to lose and is now championing the "if I can do it, anyone can..." It's a little deflating. When we started the group it was the anti-WW protest: We don't need to pay - we don't need that plan - we know what we have to do - we just need accountability...

And then after a spring/summer of the slow regain, I chose to join WW. I was desperate for something different; what I was (or wasn't) doing no longer worked for me and now I'm  losing weight again - albeit slowly. I haven't shared this with anyone in my group and continue to text my weekly weight. Part of me wants to tell some women in the group, but part of me wants this to be my thing. Is that selfish not wanting to involve work? I don't want to derail what's working for me right now...

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Yeah Me!! A New Low for 2017!

I could not have been happier with my weight tonight; down 1.6 AND a new LOW for the year. Since October 12, 2016 I've lost 13.8 lbs. It's far less than I had hoped, but I had to take a four month apathy break.

From now on I'm only looking forward... I have 2 more weigh ins for September and I will reach my monthly goal. In fact, I've got travel plans October 1 - visiting old friends - and it would be really nice to be in the 170's...or close...

Monday, September 11, 2017

A Parade

This past weekend our town turned 300 and there was a big parade. I participated with my library ladies and logged 20K steps over the 3 mile route and the walk back home. It was really fun, but exhausting. It was so cool to see so many people out... The top is my pic from the route and DH's pic of my best dog friend Miss Agnes waiting for me!!!

I admit that I logged my food this weekend after the fact and had NO idea that a margarita was 17 points!! That threw me over my weekly points by 10... meh. I don't use any "fitness points" so I'm hoping all activity this weekend will count for something on the scale. I really want to drop below 187.2 this week - that's the lowest I reached before losing my mojo this spring; AND my revised September goal is 180.4 to give me a 20 lb loss for the year... I started back on a weight loss track last October 12th weighing in at an eye opening 200.4 (a number I'd prefer to never see again!). That's a lot of numbers, and I know I'm a slow loser...


I ran / walked with the girls this weekend. It was SO nice to get back into a familiar routine.. I intend to do more this week as I negotiate our new fall schedule. I start my finance class tonight... I'm a little anxious, but excited to try something new... The girls are busier and more independent so I'm looking to fill the void... or find my calling... Not quite sure yet which it is...

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Weighing in...

Do you know those "Give a Moose a Muffin Projects"? The kind that start off simple- I'll paint the bathroom... and then morph into major renovation.... While we're doing this we might as well replace the sink with a vanity, the broken towel rack with one more functional... swap out accessories, find a new mirror and light fixture... $ $ $ $.....

I just stopped myself from starting something I KNOW I don't want to deal with right now. One that is not in the budget or for that matter, even on the list of "must do" home improvements. It was just a thought I had after my shower Saturday; the room hasn't been touched since 2001.

Instead of that can of worms, I spent my secret day off cleaning out the laundry area and the linen closet in my downstairs bath. 3 bags of trash and one of donations to Salvation Army. I found stocking stuffers from 2010; which tells you how often this happens... It made me laugh - supplies for the "Rainbow Loom" and other useless stuff. I'm always stashing stuff for the holidays from September on, and either forget where it is or that I even bought it in the first place! Meh.

I paid the bills, filled out the "First Week of School" forms, and made a colonoscopy appointment that I've put off for more than a year. I kept busy all day, not spending any money and not grazing. I had a breakfast shake this morning, a pear at lunch and waited for my 5 p.m. meeting.

My weight was exactly 188 - down .6 and I am happy. There were a lot of "special events." I ended the week in the hole with weekly points, but I was mindful of every sip, bite and logged it all! This week's meeting was about setting FALL GOALS. My goals are simple and achievable:

  1. Log food every day; every bite.
  2. Hit 10K every day.
  3. Prep at least 3 meals week and make sure there is always fresh fruit/veggies in house.
  4. LOSE 6 pounds this month.

I'm excited for the week ahead. Detox - no alcohol, the house is stocked with good food, the DH is following his special diet and not bringing junk into the house. The girls are all about eating healthy. My running ladies are back on track for Saturday and the weather looks perfect. I have no obstacles in my way. I look forward to a great week.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Not Derailed

Saturday at the festival I ate too much cheese, too many triskets, and drank too many margaritas; consuming all my weekly points and putting me into an 11 point hole. Yesterday I tried to do damage control. I shopped for the week, and made a pot of chicken tortilla soup - no tortilla for me, though I did have a corn muffin ( my nemesis). I ate fruit a few pistachios and cruised through the day binge watching GOT. Today were off to the fair. I know I'll try whatever concoction is this years thing, but I'm limiting to a bite or lick - and points will be logged. I don't want one day to mess up a weigh in. I really want to not negate my big loss last week with a gain. Onward!

Friday, September 01, 2017

Am I Old or Just Fat?

My body just aches this week - my shoulder, my elbow, my lower back... Why? I type at work, I wacked my elbow, but nothing major and I picked up a chair tweaking my back. How can I hurt so much? Am I just getting old? I think I need to make a serious yoga commitment - get a massage... meh.

Labor Day weekend means classes are cancelled, so I'll try again next week. Yes, I know there are things I can do on my own.

As far as WW goes, I feel like I'm in a groove with the plan... We'll see if I can navigate this weekend's activities within my points since we're going to a music fest tomorrow; a family reunion Sunday; and country fair Monday. So much potential for straying, but today I feel committed and focused.

Losing 6 pounds a month is a good goal. It's achievable; and meaningful, as in I'll notice results after a few months and I'll hit my goal weight at the end of February. That's a really nice thought, but I shouldn't get ahead of myself. It will be some work and that whole holiday mess will be here before you know it....


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Weigh Day Satisfaction

I finally lost a decent amount of weight in a week. This is not my normal, but I really put in the extra effort and,  ta-da! It worked! I lost an astounding 5.8 lbs in the Month of August. I will do at least the same in September.

Today is back to school day. Company left with the DH early and the girls followed shortly after. I just ran around like a maniac throwing the laundry in and picking up. The cleaners are coming! Hooray!! It is my secret luxury. DH knows nothing of them; but when I started working 30 hours/week, I just couldn't keep up and the mess just added to the stress. I can not conve the amount of joy I feel coming home to a clean house every other week. It's pure heaven; and no massage, dinner out or new outfit even comes close!

I'm off to work and then grocery shopping for the rest of the week. I'll take the dog for a nice LONG walk and maybe even read a book - GASP!