Monday, April 24, 2017

My Weekend and Month-Long Off Program Habit is OVER....

The weekend with THE GIRLFRIENDS was  awesome as expected AND I ate badly the whole time!!! The culprits alcohol and snack foods... lots of crackers and cheeses and popcorn and CHIPS - I ATE CHIPS!! And chocolates --- good chocolates and CAKE - it was my birthday... Meh... The weekend ended with ice cream for dinner a request of my kids and my mom. I feel totally crappy... AND...

I threw out my back! I think it started with Body Pump - I over did it with the ab work - a leg lift exercise strained my back... and then I drove 3 hours straight.... and then I sat a lot... I ran 3 miles Saturday morning but that was it for any activity. I was sore all over from Body Pump, but sitting for extended periods yielded painful aching from my lower back; shooting down my left leg... I could deal with the aching, but when I got home I moved a chair with my foot and that was it... I am an invalid....For anyone who hasn't experienced lower back distress... it's so incredibly painful, maddening... Heat, Aleve, massage, and TIME... that's all you can do, though I think time is the only thing that works and I am not a patient person.

I'm checking to see if I can get an acupuncture appointment today. It can't hurt.

Then DH is gone for the week!  The cleaners are coming Wednesday! I've purged the house of all the junk - soda, ice cream, chips, crackers, nuts - not of the good variety - strawberry margarita mix (yuck), Dove bars, hot dogs, and questionable condiments. The girls and I are all about CLEAN EATING and getting back on track.

I'm fasting today through dinner. I'm weighing Wednesday morning - facing the music!!

We've begun the push to the end of the school year - Summer is shaping up. I want to be ready!!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

When the Teen Asks to go to BODY PUMP...

The teen had her physical last Friday and learned that in the last year she's lost 15lbs without dieting!? I think it has to do with dancing in the musical she just finished (3x week) and probably quitting pot. Whatever it was, she's feeling a huge boost to her confidence and a new found desire to maintain and strengthen. That was the impetus for the hike Monday, and last night she asked to go to Body Pump this morning... She's 17 and actually got up at 5:30 this morning!!

It was my first time back to Body Pump in a LONG TIME and man it's hard - I will be so sore tomorrow... I am going to do my best to get to a class at least once - but hopefully twice a week over the summer. The teen was definitely challenged, but thinks she will go back. Yesterday I went to spin!  I'm leaving for Girls Weekend this afternoon. Can't Wait!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April Vacation...

The good - not over eating, not food obsessed. Ran Saturday - 5 miles, hiked 5 miles yesterday, spin tomorrow!!, Body Pump?

The not-so-good - not logging food, not step focused, ate ice cream twice and jellybeans/chocolate on Easter! SAT a lot on days I wasn't running or hiking... AND since we had yesterday off (Patriots Day in MA) I *forgot* my 18 hour fast... I thought I would do it today and then I had breakfast... meh... I'll pick it up again tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be needing some damage control.


I have my annual GIRLS WEEKEND leaving Thursday, home Sunday. I love these ladies so much! Two were in my kindergarten class; we've been friends so long!! It is truly a time that I just laugh and leave my worries; enjoying an emotional reset. I won't obsess about diet or exercise though I know we're all healthy eaters and active - we're running and renting bikes....

For now the teen is working; the little one is away on a school trip; and the DH is doing what he does. My schedule is all over the place so I can do stuff with teen when she wants - we're getting our nails done tonight and our iphones fixed...  The DH is heading to his parents next week and then he'll be back to work... Almost normal is coming!

I probably won't weigh this week - just don't want to mess with my vibe right now which is good. Next week I'll return with a whole new attitude  - back on track!

Friday, April 14, 2017

A New Battery for the Scale

And a new low... And a great weekend to come!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Weigh in Wednesday reported Thursday

My stupid $18 WW scale is busted - or the battery is dead. The thing is not even a year old! I was slightly annoyed. I weighed myself after spin (though etiquette forbidding use of cameras and locker rooms = no picture)-188 even. MEH.

My body is betraying me! Or at least that's how I feel. AND I'm not giving up. I'll spend the remainder of April/May faithfully following the plan I wrote about earlier this week highlighted by two weekly 18- hour fasts... Today is my second and its much less stress than one 36 hour fast. I ate dinner at 6 last night and nothing more. I'm drinking black coffee until 2 today and then breaking the fast with a late lunch of protein and a salad.

I'm stressed. The DH is in week 2 of his sabbatical. He's not made an appointment with his primary and his knee is bothering him so can't ride his bike. He's grumpy, bored and not interested in helping me prep the house for hosting Easter brunch - cleaning, washing windows... Instead he's watching a lot of CREATE TV; cooking up recipes while I'm at work; emptying the pantry of staples only discovered when I need them... soy sauce, olive oil, agave... He doesn't get that his presence - home 24/7 - is an adjustment for the whole family and not in a good way.  We were looking forward to his planned trip to help his parents next week, but now he's decided to postpone it which has only heightened my stress. 

Thank goodness I have my girls weekend next Thursday through Sunday... 

I'm not going to eat my way out of this. I'm sticking to the plan. I kept my calories to 1257 yesterday and I'm going to do my best to knock 300 off my weekly average (down to 1300 vs. 1600). To me that means no soft serve; or less salad dressing; weighing/measuring; keeping things honest. I've added weekly Wednesday Spin - 2 weeks in a row!  and keeping a  10K step streak... Training for my 5 Miler too!! 

And a new scale is in the works!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The New Plan...

My new fasting regime is 2 - 18 hour fasts on Mondays and Thursdays. The science and reasons why are best explained in these articles/book.

Basically I stop eating before 8 p.m. Sunday night and not eat again until 2 p.m. Monday. I'll do the same Wednesday night through Thursday afternoon. My plan on Monday's and Thursday's is a protein/fat lunch and a "normal" dinner. No snacks or sugar or processed foods. The rest of the week, I drink bullet proof coffee for my breakfast (strong organic coffee with 1 tbsp grassfed butter and 1 tbsp Brain Octane). It's actually quite good; not at all greasy and tastes to me like a latte. I bought a foamer which emulsifies the mixture so it looks like a latte too. We'll see if changing things up will help with the weight loss. It definitely keeps me full until lunch.

I'm out of patience with my apathy these last 3 months.  I want to start seeing results. I had such an easy time losing weight 2012-2013. It sounds hokey, but I used hypnosis to take off 50+ lbs which basically eliminated my cravings/desire to eat. When my thyroid quit and I regained weight (seemingly overnight) I tried refreshers offered (and they weren't cheap), but it never "worked" for me again and here I am. I've been back to Weight Watchers, MFP, Whole30, Low Carb, meh... I've lost 12 pounds since October with about 34 lbs to go to get to a weight I feel comfortable.

I've logged all my food in MFP religiously since October so I know that I'm averaging 1600 calories/day overall and keeping pretty active averaging over 10,000 steps/day. I've basically maintained my weight since January. I hate to go back to calories, but I think regardless of what I eat; I'll need to cut calories (400?) and see if that works. My thyroid has been slightly up since September, but still within my normal range. My doctor feels I should shoot for 10% loss this year which is about 19 lbs. I'm OK with that. My doctor OK'd  I-F and thinks some of the research advocating gluten free is also sound. I'm not eating bread, but I haven't been crazy about label reading... and gluten is everywhere. I'll do better.

I'm going to continue to weigh in only once a week. I don't want the number rule my life and it's frustrating to try or not try and see the same crappy results...

Monday, April 10, 2017

A Better Week?

I'm trying harder to watch what goes in my mouth. I'm logging my food - though not obsessing about it and I'm switching things up a bit - no more 36 hour Tuesday fasts; switching instead to 2, 18 hour fasts Monday and Thursday. I went spinning Wednesday, ran Saturday - 5 miles with the girls and rode my bike 10 miles Sunday with the DH. Today the girls and I are going to the gym and/or walking - running around the lake. The weather is gorgeous for the next two days and I want to make the best of it. I really hope the scale is kind this week. I really could use a boost of validation from an inanimate object...