Monday, May 21, 2018

A Night Out...

I'm not sure why, but I ate a lot yesterday - more than I have since I restarted my weight loss journey 4/3/18. The culprit - bar food - chicken wings at Buffalo Wild Wings while watching the Celtics crash and burn... I only had one drink, but chowed down 5 wings and fried pickles?! Bad choices for sure, especially that late at night. I won't be making that mistake again.

This morning I got up and walked a hilly 2.5 miles with my teen. I had a reasonable breakfast of a 2 egg omelet with a little cheese, spinach and salsa. I had some coffee and almond milk. I have a list of chores that I want to accomplish before the end of the day and prep some food for the week. Big dates are closing in... lots of end of year, senior year stuff for both girls and work is exceptionally busy as we close out the fiscal year AND I am moving to full time July 1st which is also causing me some anxiety.

I have to figure it all out while taking care of myself and holding on to the motivation I've felt to become a healthier version of me.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

TA DA! 186.5

This morning was my OFFICIAL weigh in. I admit I ate a very low calorie day yesterday (as if I could make up for a week's worth of some bad choices), but it panned out for me and I am pretty happy with 186.5 . It's weird, but the doctor's scale is 2 pounds LOWER than my crappy WW scale at home. That never happens, right? 

I officially lost 8.5 pounds this past month and 17.5 lbs since 4/3. My doctor was super happy with the progress and suggested I keep doing what I'm doing. The losses will probably slow down, but we're next shooting for 5 pounds; to 181. I wasn't able to get to the lab yesterday so won't have T3/ T4 til tomorrow, but I have one more follow up June 14 when the doctor will decide if the weight loss/ diet changes have helped stabilize my thyroid or if med changes are needed. 

I feel motivated and in the groove. I also feel like I need to reset - back to basics again. This is the 5 pounds that could actually be noticed, and I'm hoping for a little bit more than 5... into the 170s?

As for non-scale challenges - I have a pair of black - stretch-less - ankle length pants, that were given to me last fall and I could not button them. Today I can button and zip, but there's no way I'd wear them in public - way too tight. It is my goal that they fit loosely, as intended. Five pounds won't quite get me there, but 15 might... Stay tuned... (and they're Eileen Fisher pants so expensive and cool and why I have to wear them!)

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Checking in...

So here's where I'm at:

I feel a tad disappointed this week. I veered off track with my food choices and for me it is a slippery slope. I'm going to reel it in, get back to NO gluten, NO sugar-fruit, limited dairy. I'm going to pay attention to hunger cues - last night I ate dinner and I really wasn't hungry...No more.

Today I have a graduation party. I'm not eating anything not on plan. I'm not eating anything if I'm not hungry. I am going to enjoy seeing people, celebrating with family and friends and being in control.

Mother's Day will include a hike with my mom and siblings followed by brunch...

5 days til my follow up...

Friday, May 11, 2018

Making Progress...

My back is feeling better. I had pains that concerned me after the whole spasm thing, but they are gone so I know that my issues are due to pulling weeds and gardening and not kidney or gallbladder. I should know better than to "Google" symptoms; it totally messes with your mind!

I'm eating a little more than I have been and eating some different things. Yesterday I had a piece of fresh pita bread and a homemade spinach pie from the Syrian bakery, which tasted great, but sank in my stomach like a brick. Not eating any wheat for several weeks has definitely affected my body. The feeling was similar to how  it was after the one cookie last week. NOT GOOD. Perhaps I will remember going forward and just say no. I also had gluten free protein muffins (questionable and sugar) and Soul Full oatmeal, which was good - but also had sugar so it will be a once in a while thing.

Still no fruit  - which is dumb if I've eaten sugar, but whatever....

What concerns me this week is about a need for supplements. Most of the food I eat is healthy, whole, and I thought I would be able to get the nutrients I need until I looked in MFP and saw that most days I am WAY off - calcium, iron, ... at 40% -60%. I honestly have a hard time being consistent with supplements, so I'm going to look for a good quality multivitamin. Is there such a thing?

Even though I feel like I'm eating more, I'm still averaging 1300-1400 calories per week. I think that's decent and WAY less than I was doing the last time I consistently  journaled in MFP. I have exactly one week to go until my next doctor's appointment. I'll weigh in tomorrow morning for a preview and hopefully I'll be still in the 180s...

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

I think I’m feeling my age.

This weekend I thoughtfully weeded my gardens. I was careful to bend at knees to not strain my back. I lightly raked, and enlisted the help of the girls to get as much accomplished in their promised hour, which expired exactly on the hour…

I ran laundry up and down stairs mindful of my posture and footing.

Yesterday I wore 2 inch heels to work. They were actually comfortable for all day wear.

This morning as I made my way downstairs and outside with the dog I felt aches and pains all over… In my lower back and calves from the shoes, in my hands and wrists from pulling ivy and weeds, my lower back from light raking. I’m not complaining, just acknowledging what is and wondering if there’s something I can do (aside from not doing the things I must to keep the household functioning).

Weight training, gentle yoga/flow/restorative – no YIN- all possibilities.

Aside from the scale I don’t see a difference in my body yet, though after my next weigh in at the doctor (9 days to go) I’m going to take some photos and update my measurements in MFP and share. We had pictures taken during Girls Weekend just days before my first April 3 doctor’s appointment – my DAY 1. I absolutely love my friends and totally embrace the happiness I felt that day, but as far as photos of me go – they are cringe-worthy; so of course they’ll be my “official” before shots… 

I’m looking forward to a noticeable photo comparison.   I’m working hard to lose this weight and although it is for my health; I can’t ignore that it's also for my mental well-being.

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Saturday Check in...

After last week's back fiasco, I took it easy - ran 3 miles and walked the last. I still feel little tinges and muscle aches which leaves me  anxious about over doing it. I also have things I want to do this weekend - like get the patio furniture out and washed and prep the garden beds for mulch.

I will not be stuck in a chair in pain...

And my weight this morning before the run was 189.9 !  I know it's a tenth of a pound, but I am in the 180's and moving steadily downward... It makes me even more determined.

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Sleepless in New England...

No complaints, but no a/c and I could not sleep last night. What ever happened to Spring?

I don't remember who's blog I was reading, but the topic was overcoming negativity, whining and complaining. It brought me back to gratitude and an old episode of Oprah about gratitude journals. I have one and I kept a nearly year long streak. It's been a while, but I'm back to appreciating my life for what it is. I wrote 4 things I'm grateful for last night and I'll do it again today.

Nothing comes from whining except sucking the energy from a room. I know we all need to vent at times, but pause and assess how often it happens and to what end?

I broke a tooth yesterday - but I'm grateful for insurance and a competent dentist.
I'm bored at work and tired of drama - but I'm thankful for a paycheck and no commute.
.... It's all how you spin it.

And I really love my dog!