Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Being Honest!

100% Full Disclosure - Going back through my posts, I wasn't accurate with my addition. Mistake was I couldn't recall my starting weight. The morning I officially began, my scale said 189.9; but at WW it was 189.0 Whatever... Today at WW I showed a 3.6 loss (I didn't weigh in last week due to the snow). It brought my official weight to 178.4, for a total of 10.6 down!! This new weight surpassed my 5% goal AND more importantly helped me to crack into the 170s - the lowest weight I have seen in over 15 years! I could not be happier; and more motivated to keep this up! Next goal 170 (aka 10%)!!

What has worked - JOURNAL JOURNAL JOURNAL... I have been faithful every day to write down and log into etools everything I put in my mouth. I have kept within my points for all but 1 week. I have been a good shopper - buying only what I know is good for me, and consequently my family. Noone in my house NEEDS chips or cookies or icecream! I have been eating a lot more fruit and other complex carbs. I have an EggBeater creation every morning.

What I need to work on - EXERCISE. I finally went to yoga, liked it and haven't been able to get myself back (maybe Saturday?). I need to do some cardio and weights. I walk every morning with my dog, but that's not going to get me into shape for triathlon season. Yes, the winter is a drag. Good thing it won't last forever! What I need to do is RUN - sidewalks will definatley help.

I hope that I will be able to sustain this MOJO... I feel really proud of myself for 6 great weeks!!

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