Thursday, May 26, 2011

Full Disclosure Thursday...

I weighed in this week at 173.2 down 1 lb. I am very happy with the loss considering the post run binge I went on... Of course I promptly went grocery shopping, stopped at McDonalds (since I hadn't eaten anything) - ate a snack wrap and a small fry and went home for lunch... I did not log all of the food I ate, but thinking about it now, it was at least "good food" - like veggies and hummus, Special K cracker chips, low fat sour cream... and after dinner - a bowl of cereal with almond milk and 2 granola bars.... I will try and get it all down today in my journal, and make sure i continue to track throughout the week. I have to get a grip!

I am so close -- Losing 2 lbs will get me to my 10% How great could that be - reach my weight goal and run a half marathon all in the same week!!

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