Thursday, December 19, 2013

I knew it was coming...

One week til Xmas and I am officially stressed.  I worry about what I haven't bought, if what I have is enough, what I may have forgotten. Our cash flow is tight - my own fault for paying all the bills this month. I keep taking time out of work, eating up my vacation, because time is running short. The kids' break starts tomorrow afternoon and that means my prep time is over!

My mom is coming to run around the mall with me so I can kill 2 birds... If I can shop, wrap, and hide all before 2 this afternoon I should be set. If I could just find a couple of rosemary trees I'd feel confident that it will all come together.

And other than shoveling I've done no cardio. I will run Saturday morning with sisters. It's the best I can do this time of year, and I think we're signing up for a 5 miler New Years Day!

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