Friday, March 20, 2015

Finally Friday

This week was not fun. I started it fairly refreshed, but today I am completely irritated with both kids and the DH. Not worth all the boring details, but suffice to say, I could use a little CALGON. At least I have a run with my girls tomorrow... oh, but now we're supposed to have snow...AGAIN... And, it's SPRING!? Grumble... Even if we don't get a run in, I am going out at 6:30 for coffee talk. I really need to decompress with people that care to listen.

Teens with mood disorders are no fun. Tweens aren't either, and the DH is clueless.

I know a full nights SLEEP will help; a walk may do the trick as well... Hoping to muster the MOJO to do both.

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Wendy said...

Sorry, Lynne, that all sounds really frustrating. Glad you're getting some girl time to get it all out (or at least enough of it out).
It's snowing here, too, first day of Spring you say?! Sure doesn't feel like it. Hope this is just a short, fast, light snowfall, though, for both of us.