Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Rant, Because I Woke Up Grumpy...

I woke up slightly annoyed. The teen leaves for camp this weekend and it couldn’t come soon enough. She's been really into staying up late and eating everything in the house this week (and I assume it's PMS). A sink full of dishes and most of the meals planned this week are now missing ingredients – like the salsa and guac for taco night and the mozzarella for tomato-basil salad. What’s wrong with making popcorn or eating a bowl of cereal? Why must you let your ramen boil over on the stove? Why must you leave your utensils and nearly empty bowls on the couch under a pillow? Maddening and reaffirms that I probably don't want to buy a new couch just yet.... I know I am giving this too much time in my mind. I know she didn’t even give me a thought… Meh.

At the gym, I was annoyed by a BP Clique member with an over-inflated sense of work out space… The class was already jam-packed and this person purposely – placed her mat vertically to the step (in a “T” formation) and her weights far from her step as a boundary not to be crossed… I said nothing b/c as I've witnessed... she’s not a negotiator… This is the reason I try to get to class early…grumble. I did my workout, pushing her mat out of the way to do my tricep dips, making myself as visible as possible and sliding my step up inch by inch until I made enough room to do a proper wide-arm push up and an acceptable lunge.  I know I am giving her too much time in my mind and yes, I know she didn’t even give me a thought… Meh.

I know my anxiety is high this week and I have to find healthy (read non eating) ways to deal with it. I suppose blogging about what's pissing me off is probably a good start. 

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