Thursday, July 30, 2015

Done with Six and on to Seven...

6 weeks of Body Pump done!  Annoyed once again with the BP Clique... Honestly the whole "seat saved" mentality of "the 6" is pushing me to the edge... I really like the class, but I REALLY want to scream! Sigh.

Next week I'll go heavy in class and be sore again, but this week I wasn't risking injury with Pan Mass. As far as fundraising goes, I've got a few more donations and I think I'll squeak by my minimum in time for the ride... I am not at all worried, but I am glad we're taking a break next year. I think donor fatigue is high after 5 years of asking for money - good cause or not.

And I am looking forward to Monday!

The teen is giving me a run for my money this week. SO RUDE one minute, HAND OUT for money the next... I know everyone is anxious about their respective activities, but let's all try to be kind, shall we...... Camp for three weeks!

The DH is having another round of issues... Stress over his parents, a minor (read no damage) accident and worry over a mediocre review at work... It's making me a little crazy to listen to over and over... I've asked him more than once to get a therapist - go talk to someone - work through your issues, but he insists talking to ... I mean at, me is all he needs... The one way communication thing is getting O L D....

And I am TIRED. I haven't slept well in a few days - either teen is up late, cat is walking on my head or the DH is snoring so loud he could wake the dead. I am GOING TO BED tonight. This is my last opportunity for a good nights rest and I will not squander it!!

Onward to WEEK 7 of the streak!

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Wendy said...

You're really overcoming a lot of crap being thrown at you to keep getting it done. Good job!