Tuesday, January 26, 2016


“The process of losing weight should always include a focus on returning the body to as much of a pristine state of health as possible.  ... In bodily terms, a simple life is one in which you are unhampered by unnecessary medicines; one in which you can throw away all those vitamins, supplements, potions and remedies.  A simple bodily life is one in which you've learned how to sleep again because you no longer snore, have sleep apnea, wake up with gastric reflux or obsess about what you're doing to yourself and your health.  In a simple bodily life, there is daily physical exercise and daily time for reflection:  a time set aside for you to clear your mind.  And in a simple bodily life, food is delicious, natural and only what you need.

Can food become a few simple things that nourish you and reflect your own love of self? - 
Dr. Barbara Berkeley on Refuse to Regain

I really loved this post. It embodies so much of what I feel and desire for myself. It really should be that simple.

I want to let  the "junk" in my life go. I want to feel well. I want to age well. I don't want to be hampered by the diseases of neglect. I want to feel at peace. I want to say NO when I don't want to do something or eat something; like something; and there are ways to phrase "NO" so it doesn't offend or hurt someone.

So much of the stress we put on ourselves is unnecessary. Why feel guilty about going to bed early, reading a book, choosing to take a whole sick day rather than returning to work? Why is self care deemed SELFISH? 

Why do we eat things we know are not good for us? Why do we eat things that might not even taste good? There are other ways to soothe my body... Why FOOD? 

Yes, my life is pretty stressful now and I accept that it may be like this for the foreseeable future. I can't add to the external stress. Will I sit back and wait for a better time to get healthy? Will I wait til there are no distractions? NO. Waiting is just another excuse. I will be kind to my body. Do what feels right for me. I will make my self care a priority. I deserve it.

Life is a hamster wheel that never stops; you choose to keep pace with the wheel or you *try* to stop and give up, but it will just spin you in a heap and keep on going regardless. 

I'll work on keeping pace. It may be a gentle pace, but I'll move forward; all while being kind to myself. 

I went to Spin Saturday morning. I loved the teacher and I wished she taught on a day other than Saturday since I'm typically with my sisters running. The snow kept me close to home this weekend so I was able to make the class. It was really just what I needed and I'll do it again Wednesday. 

I was distracted by the teen and didn't do much more exercise-wise, but I had some great time together with her and I am hopeful she's making progress. There's a tough road ahead, but we're moving forward. 

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