Thursday, March 03, 2016

Feeling Fat...

I followed no program yesterday. I ate 2 corn muffin tops and they weren't even good. I went to dinner and ate good things - fresh hummus, tabbouleh, greek salad with chicken - but I ate them all and felt stuffed. This morning my jeans are tight. I feel frumpy. I hate my clothes. I hate how I look in my clothes. I can't believe I'm back in this place!

New Day and a new opportunity to do better.

I bought protein powder and drank it in my almond milk this morning. I really don't like stevia. The next container will have no flavor and nothing but the protein. I'll add my own vanilla... I'm going to supplement until I get a handle on the macros for this plan. I need to have a solid couple of weeks to build my confidence. It's a thoughtful process.

I have to get my mind back to fitness. I've neglected the gym for a few weeks. I haven't been to spin and even last week with the sisters I walked 4 miles with no running at all. I know that the antidepressants can suck my mojo, but they're really helpful right now so I've got to figure something out. Anything I do is better than nothing.

I guess I could start with TV and turning it off. It is a mind suck.

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