Friday, October 14, 2016

Not Getting Caught Up in the Numbers...

I'll do a weekly update with all the stats including the weigh in, but I'm happy to report that I had a great day one. I logged all my food, I ate when I was hungry, I had cravings in the late afternoon - no joke - but I made it through without succumbing to sugar. I'm ready to have another good day.

I want to get this under control and it will happen; and it won't be easy. I started planning my afternoon and realized that I have post school pickup, errands with the teen to get ready for her school's haunted house, and shuttling the little one to and from field hockey - which is on the complete other side of town (grumble). I wanted to take the dog for a long walk / jog and I have to figure out a way to fit it in... It's frustrating when the needs of others seem to take over, but I'll work it out. I really hope the DH didn't take my lunch.. that will send me right over the edge!

I'm going to really work on staying positive with the process. It's hard not to be overwhelmed when looking through pictures chronicling the weight gain. It's hard not to beat myself up for letting it happen or not putting the breaks on sooner... AND I have to look forward.

I'm running with the GIRLS in the morning - it's supposed to be below freezing... I'm so not ready for winter! Chores - a last mow of the yard before the leaves fall...and kid activities galore. I'm thinking ahead - planning meals and making sure I have what I need to be successful. Weekends are always tough, but I'm going work it out.


Anonymous said...

If you feel like you're beating up on yourself, that may be good time to head back to and do a little brush-up reading there. As she stresses, regain is that the body FIGHTS to do. It is not your fault! It happens to something like 90%+ of us who lose weight. You're in good company, my friend!

I sure hope your husband didn't take your lunch, too :P Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

After commenting before, I was thinking about running generally and I remembered that running with intermittent walking breaks to recover can also be called interval training, and interval training is shown to give better weight loss and fitness gains than just steady-state cardio (ie, going the same pace for a long period of time). So - feel good about your breaks! They may be helping you get more out of your run than those who don't take breaks.