Tuesday, October 04, 2016

The Last Cake

My teen's birthday is today and so, as is tradition, we had cupcakes for breakfast... I chose a carrot cake that was delicious but it's now sitting in the pit of my stomach like a lead brick... ugh. I ate horribly yesterday and all through last weekend. I feel GIGANTIC. I can not eat sugar!  I crave it, I'm addicted to it and I have got to get off it.

My teen remarked that she's put on weight and can't even think about clothes...I want to not be fat, but I just can't control myself!  What can I say to that? It's exactly how I feel right now too. AND I CAN DO BETTER.

At some point I have to be able to make that turn. At some point it has to be THE LAST CAKE. I have more birthdays coming up - all my friends are turning the big 50... There will be cake at all of them and will I choose to eat it?!  What do I really want?

I want today to be my last piece of cake. I want to be in control of my life again.


Anonymous said...

Making that clean break can be so, so hard. The feelings you'll feel NOW are so much more compelling than the crappy feelings we undoubtedly have AFTER.

I support you!

Lynne said...

Thanks Wendy!

Anonymous said...

Reading this has stuck with me. This can be a powerful moment for both you and your daughter, and not only that, can give her a life skill that you (and I, too) are struggling with at a later age. She could be empowered much more for her whole life, starting now. And so can you! I hope you are able to capitalize on this moment. Wanting the change is an important ingredient! I'm cheering for you both.