Thursday, December 15, 2016

As Expected - A Gain for Weigh in Wednesday

I seem to start with the best of intentions and then... who knows where my head goes, but the plan falls apart and I try to play catch up.... This week there was no catching 10 corn muffins and 2 pints of ice cream. There are no excuses... The sad thing is that if it were not for those 2 indulgences the week wouldn't have been too bad... So why did I sabotage myself? I bought these things and no one forced me to eat them.

I'll post the picture later, but the scale read 194.4 (heavy sigh...)

So like Wendy, I'm going back to basics - Hypnosis + diet worked 2 years ago; and while I've tried several hypnosis tune ups over the last 2 years, none stuck with me like the first full session. That's disappointing, but I know the accompanying diet I followed (and followed religiously) worked. The trick is to follow it no matter what! Several consistent days of caloric restriction will result in weight loss. It's true!

And It's hard. And it's worth it!

A great post at Refuse to Regain reminded me that I can't "just a taste, just one sip, just one..."

Be tough, not moderate
This is still one of my favorite rules, and it applies especially to the holiday season.  The reason that moderation doesn't work as an eating plan is that we live in such an immoderate food world....our bodies have changed over the past 20 -30 years.  We are much less tolerant of the American diet than we used to be, so moderation strategies no longer work for most of us.  To be successful longterm, we have to divorce ourselves from the American way of carbing.  That takes a tough effort, but eventually leads to an easier relationship with food and with ourselves. Believe me!  There is no better time to practice this permanent way of life than during the holidays.  
It's a gift. 


Enz said...

Same here. One oreo is too many and the whole bag is not enough. Whenever I am tempted, if I can remember to say that three times it's like my magic charm and stops me in my tracks.

Winter - tis the season of SUGAR!

Nikki said...

It's good you are being honest about any slip-ups. It's a slippery slope for me too. And we're coming into the peak of Holiday season where temptations are everywhere. Like Enz, I stop, then try and talk myself out of it and say, Is this really worth it, REALLY worth it? It

Lynne said...

It honestly is never worth it - You eat it because you deserve it, someone made it special or crap, you're having a bad day... You eat it and for me it's nearly instantaneous regret. WHY?

Gotta get tough... Just say NO!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out! For me, too, that first bite can be the start down the slippery slope. When I'm strong, I keep the stuff completely out of my orbit - like, no ____ on my table or near me at all, so I don't even start eating it. This is so much harder to do at the holidays. Stay strong! You can do it.