Saturday, March 11, 2017

COLD - and Why I Run with the Ladies

10 degrees with wind chill - 10 below zero! We cut it short this week and ran 2.75 miles, but through a hilly neighborhood. It was really hard for me to take full breaths and even though I was covered in layers my fingers and arms were numb. We definitely ran more than we walked - more so to get it done before frostbite set in. I would NEVER have run -- and I considered staying home to make sure the teen made it to SATs on time.

I am so glad I went running... Now. I feel good.

Two days this week I really pushed it and I know that sounds stupid --- ooo big effort --- but it was for me lately and I hope the motivation will continue. I need to go to SPIN and or following my training plan with real conviction and dedication. It can't be OK to skip. I need to lift weights or do push ups and planks on a regular basis. I want to feel strong again.... I need courage to go back to BODY PUMP.

The 5 mile race is May 28. I still have plenty of time to prepare and make that race a good one.

The hardest part is starting. If I can just start a workout every day... If IF If

Finishing and Filing TAXES today is my goal.
Logging all food and staying within my macros
Planning meals and restocking kitchen is also in the works. Setting myself up for success; knowing the week ahead is prime for potholes...

Daylight savings, snow, a professional development day... meh.


Enz said...

Congrats on your run! I cannot bring myself to be outside in the cold for any reason. You are an inspiration!

Lynne said...

IT's why I run with the ladies... IF it weren't for them; I would NEVER be outside in this yuck! I HATE COLD, WINTER, SNOW... meh.