Friday, July 28, 2017

One 5K per Month...

My little one is off to camp for two weeks on Sunday and then to California with a friend for 5 days; back in time to pick up her sister after a full summer away as a counselor. I'm missing my kids, but I guess this is just how it will be...

I've noticed how my friends have been reaching out more; now that their kids are in college; and see how important it is to remain connected. My girls will be home in 4 weeks, but the clock is ticking and I can see the void ahead. Now's the time to consider how I will fill it.

I'm exploring some options - finishing a graduate program; finding a better job; volunteering for a political campaign - something to give my life purpose; once the mothering part is done.

I will do something this fall.

On the exercise front, I've signed up for a 5K with my little one September 10th. This will be our 3rd race together!  She's got to get in tip top shape for Field Hockey and I need to DO SOMETHING to maintain my health. I'm aiming to improve my time. I'm aiming to show up. She's happy for the accountability and likes the swag! We are going to run one race per month through the end of the year. It gives me-us goals and reasons to train. The distance is always doable so pressure is not an issue. I'm so happy for a plan!

Food - I log some days, take some days off. I don't feel like I'm gaining, and plan to step on the scale to begin another round of efforts to lose weight.

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Enz said...

It's awesome that you and your daughter are doing the races together. You're setting a great example for her and it's good time for just the two of you!

Have fun!