Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Getting My Money's Worth

30 Days for 30 Dollars - All the yoga and meditation classes you want... My friend asked me to do it with her; and like our intro to Crossfit - she's started to bail... But I decided I only needed a buddy for the first class; the initial sign up and now it's all about me. Last night was Candlelight yoga (Vinyasa Flow). It was not easy; and I know if I go consistently I'll get better. I was weak and off balance. My neck is still sore from last week (I pulled something and it hurts to look up and down), and I did what I could trying SO HARD WENDY not to look at the beautiful girl beside me with the perfect body position and effortless transitions. It was the best way to celebrate Halloween, and I actually slept through the night!

This was my third class, and I'm going again tonight for foundations. It's right up my alley - YOGA 101, focusing on breath and proper form.

And WW automatically renewed me for 3 months. My first reaction was to call and cancel and I probably should, but I'm moving ahead to make the most of it and, like the yoga deal, GET MY MONEY'S WORTH. And I'm mentally starting over. Next Tuesday will be my first weigh in 3 weeks. No stress about the scale, the number will be... and moving forward I'm ready to accept what I see and not let it get in my head. If I eat healthy foods in proper portions; if I exercise, and if I'm the slightest bit motivated, I'll lose weight in November and this is my goal.


Enz said...

Let's make November count!

Lynne said...


Sarah said...

Good luck in November! Maybe it will be my losing month too. (I hope)