Monday, January 21, 2019

A Month Into the New Year...

I've been steadily writing and not posting for no good reason. I'll have a few good days and think "this is the week" and then like last week - I had DH's company party, followed by 2 days of eating; even though I weighed in and was down 3 lbs to 184.5; since mid December. This morning I stupidly ate a spoonful of slice and bake cookie dough (comfort food of the little one and her friend) followed by protein oatmeal with blueberries and almond milk. Part two is fine, but eating the cookie dough set the tone... I need to re-frame. I can't let this screw up my whole day.

As for fitness, I finished almost 2 weeks of "Couch to 10K" and then Winter. I have to pick it up this week again;  a few missed workouts should not derail me; I need to re-frame.

Today I'm taking my oldest back to college. It's been a LONG break and I'll be so happy to resume the routine I had last fall. It's so much easier having one kid at home. She's much more independent, lots of friends, and resourceful when it comes to getting rides. It makes it easier for me to work and stay later as needed. Work has suffered this last 6 weeks. I feel like a slacker really distracted with the holidays and I've let some stuff slide.

I want better. Cookie dough be damned!

I've been using MFP again and it's helped some with accounting. I have another appointment at the end of this month - my actual physical and I so wanted to be in the 170's We'll see. if I can get it together.


Enz said...

So great to hear from you!
I have been struggling for ages. I keep starting ,restarting - I just can't seem to get it to stick. I am not feeling great about anything these days...but am grateful I am maintaining and not regaining....yet.

Wendy said...

welcome back! I just heard a good podcast in the past few days about indulging the snack habit, that when we do it at all, it basically keeps the habit itself alive. This has helped me stop myself in my tracks a few times, since I don't want to keep the bad habit alive! You can do it. Sounds like you are doing well weight-wise so, good for you. Something to be proud of.

MaryFran said...

Welcome back...we have all been there! My suggestion. Make the only rule you have to be ‘track every bite’. Doesn’t matter what and how much! I have done this and seeing it in black and white has this affect on me and I find myself foregoing the cookie dough (I have this fabulous recipe...delish) and other snacks...because while I have permission to eat it, as long as I track it, I just don’t want to see the high numbers on mfp! There HAVE been one or two days where I have gone really high...but I tracked it and surprisingly, because I honestly tracked it, I told myself ‘I won’t see that number tomorrow!!’