Thursday, November 22, 2018

Black Friday...

Found some deals and did some Christmas shopping. In fact, I think I'm almost done; or at least done with the big presents; and all on line. Yeah.

I ate too much. 

I drank wine; though not as much as I have in past years. 

I don't really like it so much anymore. 

I have things to do tomorrow, although I am psyched to go to the spa in the afternoon. Meeting my sister and taking my kids along. I have a $300 gift card that I'm going to use towards the visit.It's going to be awesome; way over due.

But first, the girls are driving to a far away mall for Black Friday shopping... at midnight.... I'm not a fan. I hate for them to be out -- in the freezing cold --- an hour away --- when I really want to not worry and get a good night's rest. DH is in bed; oblivious; still buzzed from a day with the family. There are times when I just want to tell him to stay home - do what he wants; OR stop acting like going to my sister's house is some sort of punishment. 


And now I have to reel it all in. No more drinking, eating with abandon. No more sweets, junk... No more appetizers - endless chips or crackers or NUTS!  Wasted calories. Eat meals, real food, no processed crap. 

I have to start losing weight again. I feel like I squandered the fall, and I have no excuses. 


Enz said...

Have fun today. You've earned it!

MaryFran said...

I too am almost done my shopping...and like you all online!!! Soo much click and a few days later it magically arrives!!!!

Enz said...

Wishing you a joyous and relatively stress free Christmas!!!