Saturday, July 03, 2021

Where to Begin?

 Seems weird to think that my last post on this blog was pre-pandemic. So much has happened, so much is the same it's a little bit crazy to try and process an update? 

My oldest is trekking across the country for the second summer. She has a boyfriend and a plan to finish out her senior year and GRADUATE. This is all I want from her as a mom, besides her being able to work and care for herself (emotionally and financially). Fingers crossed. My youngest has an ROTC scholarship to college, she's working and making the most of her "last" summer before professional commitments and new adventures take her away from all that she knows now. I am both so psyched about what life holds in store for both of my girls, while feeling sad about the transition I will experience with them gone. 

COVID was not good for me. I was completely thrown off my game. My family was home 24/7, working and school and there was no place to go - our house is pretty small. DH is hard of hearing so his ZOOM calls seemed to echo through the house, stressing the rest of us, but I had to stay neutral to keep the peace. The girls at least had their own rooms; I had the car... and then I went to work alone... I am someone who needs (craves) a clean house and the constant cooking, art projects, clothes... it was A LOT for me to live with... I was stressed and I ate. Lots of take out. Twenty pounds. I am still over 200; numbers I NEVER thought I'd see again. I tried WW again and lost about 12 pounds, Plenity (a new drug I could get online) and finally I went back to a hypnotist and; it's finally working for me. 

It has only been 9 days, but I have zero cravings, I'm staying on track and I feel really good. I took photos when I started and since I am not weighing myself; I'll continue to do so monthly...Stay tuned? I want to feel better; be better; do better... I guess this is a good place to begin. 


Enz said...

Nice to see you back!!

Mrs Swan said...

Any updates on how things are going? I hope they are well!