Friday, August 12, 2005

Another Tri...

I have my third and last tri of the season tomorrow. You'd think I'd be psyched about it. Two under my belt, an opportunity to "best" myself, but you'd be wrong. I am anxious and ready for this to be over. The training is really getting to me... I feel like I've been focused so much on getting my workouts checked off that I have been neglecting other aspects of my life; mainly my diet. How could I possibly be fat after all this exercise???

I have recommitted to WW this week and have made it through 4 days of keeping to my points and writing things down. You have to start somewhere so I am hoping that this is just the beginning. I have been carrying around this weight for a long time... too long.... I have mastered the exercise thing (I even like it most of the time) and now I have to get the diet under control.

On another vein... the hamster is dying - I wish he would just get it over with... The kids are restless (feeding off of me no doubt) and our financial situation leaves a lot to be desired.... CALGON?

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