Sunday, August 28, 2005

I Love My Bike

This morning I hooked up with an old neighbor for a bike ride. We rode together last year, but just haven't meshed schedules with my tri training and our kids this summer... It was nice to reconnect, and now that my Tri season is over, we are going to ride every Saturday morning until the snow comes. I am also going to go with her and 2 other friends for our own metric century in a few weeks! SO - I will have accomplished another "to do" on my list for the year. I am glad.

The ride this morning was a regular 20+ mile loop through country roads around town. The temp was in the 70s and I felt really good. We finished with a 13.6 mile average - which was 2 miles above 0ur best ride last year for this pretty hilly course. Spinning has done wonders for me!

Later, my prego sis and her husband came over for the afternoon and along with Gram and the kids we walked to town for a late lunch. It's raining now, so the kids are watching a movie. Mom gets to catch her breath... Did I mention my 5 year old let the hampster out again?! Still MIA after more than 24 hours... I am preparing myself for the stink to come... Five is NOT old enough for a hampster Grandma(MIL)!!!! ** AND IT IS NOT A GOOD PRESENT !!

I am doing OK with WW this week. Still writing my food down - and although I am slightly over in my flex points; I am exercising to make up for it. Hopefully I will show another loss this week. I am really counting on it. I feel strong and positive and surprisingly lighter...

My goals for the week are:
  • 2 spinning classes
  • 2 running sessions - 1 x 4.5 miles, 1 intervals for 45 min.
  • 1 ab session /weights
  • 1 long bike ride with Sara (20+)

That's enough. As far as the other part of my life is concerned; I have to keep it together as my 5 yr old heads off to kindergarten :( , and continue to clean things out. I made it to Salvation Army yesterday and have another trip to make this week. I feel like I am making a dent... Just trying to hold on to the motivation.

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