Friday, August 26, 2005


Our house is small. Our income seems to get smaller by the day. We have too much stuff. We can't afford a bigger house. We need to get rid of the stuff. I am officially in clean out mode. My baby is going to be 3 in another month :( ! No more crib, high chair, bottles, car seat, saucer, port o crib, baby clothes, potty seats (she's been trained since 2), breast pumps, changing tables, ugh. GONE. Clothes too small - Salvation Army, Clothes too big (yeah!) - Salvation Army. Broken junk that gets sent to the basement - trash! Paper work that I keep for no apparent reason? Shread Shread recycle....

Run Run Run... I need to RUN! My workouts have been really weak lately and not thought out at all. I need a plan - I can't keep walking into the Y wondering why I am there. Without a Tri in my future, my structure is gone! I have a 10K coming up and perhaps a century if I can talk my sister into it, so I need the plan to do better this time and not just finish. MOJO where are you?

Diet - Good, then not so good. It is Friday and I am out of flex points. That's the not so good part. BUT I am accountable - writing everything down and I will continue to do so for as long as it takes! Happy Weekend!

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nancytoby said...

Why wait for sis? Sign up for the century! You can do it! And way to go on the decluttering!