Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swimming Lessons...

I teach swimming lessons. I don't know if I like teaching these days. I have 5 more days committed and then I think I am done. I am grumpy. I don't like uncooperative, rude kids with their parents standing at arms length saying nothing... "NO, Jack is NOT cute".

Today will be the worst - I teach while my kids are at camp and then I have 45 minutes to give them lunch before I have to go right back out to the library. The girls will have a sitter for 4 hours... It's a good sitter, but I have never left her with both girls in the middle of the day... Hopefully all will go well. I like the library. I want to be able to pick up as many hours as possible.

Workouts have been non existent since Saturday. I am having pain in my knee and hip from the bike. I think I was spinning a little too hard... I was going to go to the gym this morning, but DH had to get to work early, so Wed, Thur and Friday are all mine --- 2 days at the gym and one day on the bike. We're going to PA this weekend and into next, so I need to ride before I go... As for the diet. It sucks and I have not been on the scale. I don't know why Summer is so tough. I suppose it's the kids and the lack of consistent schedule, but honestly I don't want to have to start all over come September. I think I may want to try something a little drastic - like South Beach phase I. I am going to see what I need, stock up, clean out (which won't be hard since I haven't shopped in 2 weeks!) and see what I can do.

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Hillary said...

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