Wednesday, July 01, 2009

UGH ---- Rain !

I took to working out at the gym today. I could not bear to run in the rain (and thunder!) Will it ever be summer here? I am beginning to doubt it.

I have been having a hip/knee issue since last Saturday. It feels fine, then I'll step and then WOW shooting pain down my leg from hip to knee. My sister thinks I over did it on the bike and suggested some stretches... I did some stretches and thought I'd try a little elliptical and a little running for about 4 miles. I then did about 15 minutes in the pool to cool down. There was little effort, I guess I just wasn't feeling it today. At least my hip/knee doesn't feel any worse post workout.

I will spin tomorrow whether I want to or not... I am going to my in-laws Saturday morning and between the visiting and the 9+ hours to get there, I will be glad that I was able to get some workouts in this week. I'm bringing my sneakers (and my dog) so I can excuse myself from time to time to catch a break... We'll be home Wednesday if I get my way. Next week I'm guarding at a Friday swim clinic, working out with my siblings and getting a few hours at the library. Busy is good, but can be overwhelming at times. I know I won't truly be able to relax until July 18th, the first day of our REAL vacation ---- Beach and hopefully SUN!!! please......

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