Monday, July 27, 2009

Quick Update...

The kids are in their first day of camp. I have from 9-3 each day to get the house back together. This morning I stacked wood, mowed the lawn and cleaned out the shed (we filled in our pool 7 years ago and I still had filter parts and assorted broken pool toys....)

DANSKIN TRIATHLON - PR for me!! WOO HOO! I owe it all to smooth transitions, a really fast ride and sub 12 minute miles on the run. Roughly 13:20 swim, 2:43 transition 1, 44 min cycle, 2:30 transition 2 and 34:11 run.... Total time was 1:38:04

It makes me realize that I can be faster if I train and if I talk positively to myself during the race. I had fun!!!

As we readied for a post-race lunch at my sister's house, I stubbed my toe getting out of the shower and now I can't put a shoe on.... My next race is in 2 weeks!! I also over exerted myself this morning (stacking wood) and my back is messed up!!! Pathetic

Vacation was mixed - too much rain, too much togetherness, too much money spent and I am stressed. My house is a disaster... I am trying to stick to a plan for the week so I don't waste my precious time alone spinning my wheels...

Diet SUCKS. I need a major kick in the butt!

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Feener said...

awsome job on the danskin tri and a pr - wahooo