Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nice to know...

I got the most beautiful flower arrangement yesterday from one of my very best friends. We were talking about challenges this winter and I talked her into registering for Danskin. She was very reluctant and I honestly thought she would bail, but she did not. She trained really hard, joined the Y and their tri team, and finished. She's pretty overweight and hoping not to be, but I kept telling her to do it with the body she had and not wait til the stars align...

I was completely overwhelmed by her sentiment (I guess I am a little emotional). It's nice to know that I really was a mentor to someone who appreciated it.

My toe is feeling better; my back is a mess. I am icing and taking aleve. I am trying to do light stretches lying on the floor. I am getting around, but it seems like one little tweak and the pain is un worldly... I know it will get better. TIME HEALS.

One month til school starts. I love my kids, but summer is getting old fast. I really crave a predictable schedule.

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