Monday, July 13, 2009

Training partners can make all the difference!

APATHY has been my mantra and that is NOT very productive. I haven't felt like doing anything training related and it was a godsend that I had came home Saturday night to the following voicemail message: " I know we don't usually work out on Sundays, but I need to ride my bike and I don't really want to go alone. We could meet halfway and do a fast 15; maybe a run. Let me know..." I hesitated for a moment, but called and set a time. I went. We rode on a now favorite training course. It's a four lane highway that is hardly used, that connects two rural towns (7.5 miles). It has a wide shoulder, it's nearly a straight shot and has rolling hills. The pavement is in great condition, and I think we say a dozen cars in our 45 minute ride. It makes a huge difference training b/c there are no roads to cross or stop signs to slow you down. It also makes a difference in your speed when you can see that there is nothing in front of you but road.

We ran for 30 minutes after the bike (15 downhill and 15 up). I am not surprisingly sore this morning and my back is a little tight. I am still not used to staying in the aero position. I think I need more core work.

My diet still sucks and I am still thinking about SouthBeach. I would like to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING that would move me in the right direction. I don't want to blow it...I have come so far... I can finally see my goal... Why am I letting this mindless, thoughtless eating creep back in?

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