Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eight Days....

The countdown continues... It's as if I've put my life on hold until that magic day when I will finally have a day to myself! My kids are definately sick of each other. They know what buttons to push to ellicit a scream, they know how to get a rise out of me, that's for sure. They are bored and I don't blame them. I am bored.

Exercise has been non-existant. I am going to work out with my sisters Saturday morning. Bike and run? Anything will be better than what I have been doing which is NOTHING. WTF????? This morning I could have, should have gone to spin, but ... I will shoot for Thursday.Today's "exercise" is teaching swimming for 2 hours and that will be it. Tomorrow I am volunteering at the schools all day for open house and Friday I'll be chief chaperone at the amusement park.

Even with all the excuses, I can tell that my body is suffering from lack of exercise. I am quick to anger, sluggish and achey. I am anxious. I don't know how I fell out of the routine (except that I have my kids with me 24/7), I need to push myself to get back into it. I know I will be better for it!

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