Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sometimes I am such a girl...

I hate that I don't understand "boy stuff". I can't fix my own bike, I can't put together anything from IKEA, and much to my dismay... I know nothing about lawnmowers... I am MAD.

For the last 8 years we've had an electric-plug in style-lawn mower. It made sense when we bought it. We had a very small yard due to a large in-ground pool. After year three in the house, we decided that the expense of a pool wasn't worth it so we had the pool filled in and added a yard. We kept the electric mower, cursing the cord every step of the way. This year my sister downsized to a condo and gave us her gas powered mower. It started right away the first time and I loved how fast it was. I pulled it out yesterday, started it up and mowed 3/4 of the lawn. I stopped the mower to moved some of the kids toys, and when I went to start it again - nothing.

What's a girl to do? I primed the motor as instructed....oh, but that's for a cold engine, so fuel starts pumping all over the mower. My mom says "You just flooded it, let it sit a while and dry out..." Later, I tried to start it again, but all the gas was gone - empty. So I ask my DH to double check what kind of gas it takes. He lets me know that theres a container in the shed with gas for his motorcycle.... I put the gas in this morning and the stupid thing still won't start. HMMPH!

Frustrated is an understatement. How am I supposed to cross off "MOW LAWN" from the TO DO list if it's only 3/4 finished? I miss my corded mower. It always always started!!! I hate that I have to wait for my DH to have a free and willing moment to fix it or tell me to take it somewhere to get it fixed. Is it genetic that I don't have a mechanical bone in my body? If it's true, I do not like it. Maybe one day we'll have enough money to just pay someone to take care of the stupid yard!

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