Monday, August 31, 2009

Two more days...

I hate to think that my life has morphed into a countdown; but it has. I have only school on my mind and great expectations for my new found time... I know I am overly ambitious, but if I can accomplish 50% I'll be happy. The list includes:
  1. Getting back in good shape - diet and all
  2. Organizing and cleaning the house
  3. Painting the ceiling in the bathroom, the kitchen and office --- hiring out the rest...
  4. re-caulking the bathtub, kitchen counters and upstairs windows.
  5. Getting estimates for big jobs like an addition over the kitchen, repairing the upstairs bath, putting in a bulkhead
  6. Getting a mamogram
  7. Making a healthy nightly dinner

I am a list maker - they are all over the house, tucked in books, on the i-touch, or a program to one of the kids recitals... I am a master at creating, but not so good about crossing things off. I can spend an hour putting together a grocery list only to either forget it in the car or completely ignore it and just cruise the aisles... Can I change this? Can I really make the most of 6 hours or will I sit around watching Ellen and the View? Will I surf the net for hours reading about how people change their lives while I languish? I can only hope that my energy and attitude will cooperate and carry me through...

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