Tuesday, September 01, 2009

On the Home Stretch...

Last Day of Summer Vacation...
- no more sand in my van
- no more ice cream man
- no more excuses for not going to the gym or running
- no more lazy mornings
- no more late nights around the fire pit, roasting marshmellows and shooing mosquitos
- no more trips to the lake
- no more sun screen re-application
- no more boredom
- no more beach towels filling my laudry basket or wet suits on the floor
- no more anxiety about going full day in first grade or starting middleschool
- no more wondering about who's in who's class
- no more iced lattes
- no more lost goggles, beach towels, missing bathing bottoms, broken sand toys
- no more blueberry picking, animal feeding, trips to the zoo, park, bike trail

I am in conflict. My kids (as annoying as they are at times) are my babies. I will miss them when they are at school all day. Maybe it will mean that I can be better with them in the afternoons for homework, dinner and bedtime. Perhaps I will finally be the mom I've pictured in my mind...

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