Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mid-week assessment

So it's Wednesday.

I have to guard today at the Y and I am going to the RedSox game tonight. I made dinner for my DH and kids and got their stuff already for tonight's showers/bedtime rituals. It's pathetic that I have to do this, but - trust me - I would come home to a kitchen disaster, no baths, and no homework done. DH has a hard time taking the reigns, following a schedule and considering the kids first... I truly want all of the prep work to pay off. We'll see.

I went hiking Sunday. I walked yesterday and today. I haven't really done a "real" workout since Saturday's ride, but I am still trying to find my schedule and figure out how and when to get it all done. Trust me, my calendar is filled with commitments. I can't believe how crazy this month has become.

Diet-wise, not horrible, but I am not really journaling (yet). I hope to find out soon if I am in the study and I think to an extent, I am putting my eggs in that basket. I REALLY want that to workout --- 2 years of being tracked, being accountable. I would just thrive!! Stay tuned.

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