Saturday, October 31, 2009

Definately starting in October.... NOT

I haven't heard from the Weight Loss Study people. I know my group, I know who my therapist will be, I know it's happening and now I know it won't be in October as promised. November? I hope so. I want to get going NOW...

This week I made some changes. I logged my food 4 days... I exercised three days.... and I hope to do better week by week... I am not waiting any longer for this study. Therefore when it begins, I'll be ready and ahead of the game.

One thing I haven't done is weigh myself. I know my clothes are tighter. One lose pair of pants from the summer is actually uncomfortable and it bums me out... I am done with FAT.

My goals for this week are to log at least 5 days and exercise for 4. Baby steps to get back into it... I am NOT eating any Halloween candy. Not ONE! Not even my favorites.... I really am done!

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