Friday, October 02, 2009

Still waiting...

Still...waiting....Should I email? Should I just do nothing. I do nothing.

I am going to San Francisco next week, and I am anxious - but not excited. I am nervous to be so far from my kids. I know they'll be in the able hands of my sisters and my mom, but I haven't been gone from them for this long EVER, and hardly at all since my daughter's illness. I know I need to do it for me (at least that's what my sisters say). sigh.

Went for a walk with neighbors, continued conversation at the coffee shop. I like these people - I desparately tried to live in the moment, but was distracted by my list at home.... laundry should not trump coffee, but it was really hard to keep engaged. I honestly need to get out more. I felt completely out of sorts.

And it's not like I dove into the list when I finally got home... I picked up, ate, ran a few errands, threw in some laundry and watched a recorded episode of Project Runway. What a loser.

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