Sunday, October 25, 2009

Will new pants help me run?

I just ordered a pair of CWX insulated running pants.

I wonder if they will inspire me or just look utterly ridiculous on a fat middle-aged wanna be runner? (or jogger if you've read the NY Times article on why I should just give up...) I am hoping they will be like a new haircut - the kind where you feel fabulous and put together regardless of what you are wearing. I hope they will make me feel faster.

Right now I am feeling a bit FAT and I want so much to get out of my rutt. I have to work in an hour, but I still haven't showered. My family is off to 6-Flags for the day so there was no church and no reason to do anything with the morning except drink coffee and surf the net.

If I had my new pants, I could have gone for a run

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