Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Therapy Hurts...

PT is PAINFUL --- Deep tissue massage and all sorts of stretches = one sore leg! It really is amazing how quickly muscle tone is lost, but also how quickly it can come back. Last week I couldn't stand on tip toes - this morning I could do it for a minute! I walked to work and used the stairs for most of the day. Ice and Aleve will be my friends tonight.

Diet today is an egg white/turkey sausage flat bread form D&D
Nature Valley Granola bar
Crystal Lite
1 8" flour tortilla with 1/4 cup shredded cheese.
1 med Gala apple...

I totally need some veggies for dinner... I totally do not feel like cooking (or doing laundry, or picking up after my kids...) I know we'll go to the Mall, walk around in the A/C and make a healthy selection for dinner....

TOMORROW: Miss Agnes comes to live with us... My life will not be the same!!!


Lyn said...

PT does suck. I hope you heal up SOON! Hang tough, girl :)

Looking forward to PUPPY pictures!

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