Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Back on Track

My life is still as stressful as ever - this week included a "surprise"deadline for a grant I was writing at work - I thought I had til the end of March and it ended up being today instead. I worked through the weekend and got it done. It's something I wanted to have under my belt so I can ask for a raise... I'll wait til we get it first... Fingers crossed.

My daughter had a great weekend away with my brother and her broken foot. I think she feels fine (aside from the boot) and she definately thrives on the attention. It was a church retreat and good community fun. I was so nervous, but had to let her go... She hates that I am hovering, but the pain of last summer's broken leg is still fresh on my mind.

And now Weight Watchers... I have maintained my focus and logged my food faithfully. I also stopped including my activity points. The result was an overall loss of the weight I gained last week plus an additional .6 . I am happy with that! (full disclosure photo will be posted soon!) My current weight is 177.2

My goal this week will be to run 3 miles. I have a new running ap on my IPhone that I am interested in trying out. It will tell me my speed, distance and calories burned. I will be able to store my routes, previous time and "race" against those times. The other cool thing is that I can listen to my music at the same time and take pictures (All that while running!!!) SO - I am looking for some sort of "belt" to hold my phone - something that is not stupid looking or impossible to access or uncomfortable to run with.... I'll let you know what I can find. And yes, 3 miles is a stupid number, but for someone whose done SQUAT over the last 8 months - it's a start.

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