Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Full Disclosure is more than just a weigh in...

Posted a .2 gain this week. Not surprised. I logged, I met my goal of running 3 miles, but the spark just wasn't there. I grazed alot. I used every point I could access. I was on my butt TOO MUCH. That's why I am at 177.4.

I need to EXERCISE. I had a decent workout with my sisters last Saturday. I was a good sore. I thought it was a catalyse to more, but then ... nothing.

I need to plan. I need to get my heart rate up. I need to stop pretending that I am doing all I can, because that is a lie. In full disclosure, I bought "light" icecream and pretty much ate the whole thing. In fact, I bought slushees for the kids one night so they wouldn't touch it.... I made it fit into my points, but the reality is I did not measure. It's sneaky, not honest and not about moving forward.
I am going to do a better job this week. I will log my points honestly and run at least 2 times. That is my goal.

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