Sunday, July 31, 2011


1. I fell hard off the wagon...
2. I have not been on the scale in weeks and have no idea what I weigh...
3. I have not been faithful to my exercise regimen (other than my daily walks with the dog)
4. I have not journaled my food on WW nor have I been to a meeting since June.
5. I do not want to let this go any further
6. My "VACATION" is over
7. I will journal my food starting NOW
8. I will get to my regular meeting starting AUGUST 10th
9. I have every intention of meeting my weight loss goals THIS YEAR
So there you have it. I have worked and juggled my kids at camp and home and with grandma. I have dealt with sick dogs and vacations and sitting other peoples' dogs. I have dealt with marital strife and angst and crazy kids and and doctors and broken cars and credit card bills and not enough money and now I am ready to start thinking about ME again and how I can prioritze and manage the needs of both me and my family.
Today I am taking my kids to overnight camp for the very first time. They are both nervous and excited and driving me (and each other) crazy. I am excited for each of them to gain some confidence and be "on their own" for a little while; but I am even more excited to have an entire week of just ME. DH is interviewing and working so there is no chance of him monopolizing my time and I have big plans for every single minute...
The major thing I have to accomplish this week is to CLEAN OUT my house and prep it for a major paint job at the end of the month. It has been YEARS of accumulated crap and I am renting a dumpster with every intention of filling it. Old furniture that I hate, carpets that have been pee'd on, pooped on, spilled on... YUCK. I would rather sit on the bare floor than keep this in my house for one more day. I plan to make full use of CRAIGSLIST since money is tight... and anything I may find is better than the junk I have.
My kids throw nothing away and this is my week to transform their space and get rid of the clutter... I am hoping that a week away from their "STUFF" will be enough to make them forget what they had and where it was...
Yes, I am ambitious. Yes, I know I will probably not be able to finish all of it, but I am going to give it my best.
And while all this work is going on, I am going to work on the ME side of things. I have a few bike rides (in addition to my walks) as well as a freezer stocked with Lean Cuisine and a fridge full of veggies from the farm up the street.
By the time I pick up the kids on Friday, I should be missing them lots....

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