Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not this week...

My daughter has a classroom event this morning, followed by a picnic (hooray for sun) so conveniently I am unable to go to WW this morning. I already know what the scale will say - it will say the same as it did last week. - 172.4 -
I didn't over eat this past week, but I didn't log food and I ate things at times that I didn't want to. I did not count points and aside from walking the dog, I did no exercise.
I am struggling right now - Should I go for a run? Do I have time? My house is trashed, and this is supposed to be my day to get it all back together. One goal I have for this week is to LOG my FOOD and COUNT my POINTS. It works when I do it, so I need to just DO it. I am meeting my sister this afternoon with the kids and we may try to run the track... I will dress for it and hopefully we will motivate each other to make it happen.

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