Wednesday, December 28, 2011

F A T, and yet hopeful

So here it is December. I have a few more days left to plan and shop and organize before the big New Years renewal... because 2012 is going to be the one for me (like 2011 only better)

My weight is up from its 2011 low of 171.6 --- I didn't go to WW this week, but I am guessing it to be in the high 170's -low 180's. The good thing is that even with the gain - this is the lowest New Years starting weight in about 16 years!

I still haven't figured out the whole HOW AM I GOING TO GET TO THE GYM thing, but my goal is to make it three days a week. I will need to adjust my work schedule a little, and my kid's schedules a little, but it will be worth it to get in the workouts and actually use my gym membership! I think the problem is more ME than any scheduling issue and I hope I will be able to work it out.

I am having problems right now with motivation in all aspects of my life - work, my family... My daughter and the whole "12" year is sucky... I am never sure if it's bipolar or 12, but the RUDE, MOODY, LAZY, LYING thing is wearing me down. I can honestly say that while I love her to pieces - I DO NOT LIKE HER AT ALL RIGHT NOW...

Work is just that.... It is not challenging, not motivating and the raise my boss approved for me was DENIED... blah.... With my kid situation and my need to be available in a moments notice, I can't go anywhere else. I need to suck it up and make the best! I know it would be better if I could focus my energies on other parts of my life - getting some satisfaction from fitness -life goals rather than a paycheck. Now is the time to get it all together...

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