Tuesday, January 03, 2012

What's it Gonna Be?

Tomorrow is my official first weigh in at WW for 2012... I am a little nervous about it since I have been eating EVERYTHING over the past two weeks. My dream was to be in the 170s for this big day and I actually thought I was on track this week until I ate too much homemade BBQ pulled pork... SO GOOD, but I should have checked the points before wolfed down such a giant sandwich... Lesson learned. I will accept what the scale says and move on.

As for fitness, I had a somewhat decent 4 mile run with my sisters Sunday. I was happy to just DO something physical on such a beautiful New Years Day. Can I say how thankful I am that we have had NO SNOW this winter?! I honestly don't care how cold it gets as long as there's no snow... I really just hate winter....I digress....

Anyway, my "new and improved" fitness plan is to run a minimum of 2 miles, 2 times a week and then have my long runs Saturday with my sisters. I am signing up again for the Worcester Half Marathon with a goal to beat lasts years 2:36 time. Of course Danskin is also on the race card out of tradition and there's some discussion of a Muddy Buddy later in the summer... though the whole obstacle course brings back bad 'fat girl can't get over a wall' kind of memories...

Basically, I am glad the holidays are over. I was really out of sorts this year - anxious and stressed. I am sure that a lack of consistent (only 1 x week) exercise had something to do it. It is such a relief to have the kids back in school and a plan for meals and exercise in place. I know I spent money for nothing by not actually quitting WW in the fall, but now I feel like not quitting proved that I can't be "on" all of the time but that eventually with a little work and thought I'll get to where I want to be. Since 2003 I have lost a minimum of 33 lbs and I think that is great. Even if I am not in the 170s I know I will weigh less than last year at this time and that is saying something. Will this be the year I finally become a LIFETIME member? It would sure be nice to stop paying to stay focused on my diet.

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