Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hump day!

Shorter week with the Columbus Day holiday, but it usually seems longer to me. The cleaners are coming this morning and I've been running around like a crazy person trying to pick up before they arrive and I go to spin. It will be SO awesome to come home from grocery shopping to a clean house. I can focus on prepping lunches and meals and make something good for dinner before I have to assume chauffeur duties this afternoon. So much for my "day off".

I feel much more positive about my older daughter this week. I met with her teachers and guidance counselor. They are encouraged about her classroom performance and if we can push the homework just a bit, I think she'll see her grades improve. I am PRAYING for Cs and thinking she may even push out a couple of Bs... I know it's hard for her, but I also know she's capable and it would be such a confidence boost to finish the trimester on a high note. If we can just kill the drama life would be better for her. She told me last night that she misses her former best friend. I feel sad for her and I know how I felt when I was ditched around her age. It is a lonely, empty feeling. I don't want to project my experience on her and I try to encourage her to focus on her activities and the friends she has now. It is tough to be a mom.

On another note, my DH has jumped into this diet with both feet. The hypnosis appears to be working. He was actually talking to me about the affects of artificial sweeteners on insulin levels and how it contributes to obesity and that it totally makes sense (who is this person?  and clearly he hasn't been listening to me!). He's said that this will be his biggest challenge since he's used to drinking Diet Coke all day long. He called yesterday the beginning of his TRANSFORMATION and he wondered how he would know when he could transition to maintenance without stepping on the scale... You'll know...

Last night I was reminded why we are both doing this. He has such bad apnea (something else he ignores me about). It worries me, but I hope that it will improve as the weight drops - or else I tell his doctor myself! He needs to be healthy. I can't get these kids to adulthood by myself!

I ran yesterday. I need to get a PT appointment. I keep putting it off, forgetting - until I spend the night tossing and turning because my hip hurts so much. I am sure it will be even better tonight after my spin today!

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