Monday, October 14, 2013

It's Simple...

Three years ago if someone told me I would be spending a holiday weekend with a goat on my lap I would have laughed it away, yet that is what I did with my youngest Saturday at the Topsfield Fair. Twelve hours in the damp autumn air with nothing more than a fleece and a lot of coffee. I never thought I could be warm again! 

My daughter really likes 4-H and she really likes working with dairy goats, particularly her lease this year Georgette, a 6 month old Saanan.  They are sweet animals - gentle and curious, stubborn and silly. The farmers who work with the kids are dedicated and kind. They love what they do and they want to foster that love in their 4-H'ers. The shows are about preparation, attention to detail, knowledge of the industry and of the animals. They are so wholesome and the lessons my daughter takes from this experience will be priceless in her life:

1. Everyone doesn't always win.
2. You have to be flexible, adapt to your circumstances and do your best.
3. Preparation and hard work are rewarded in many ways.

My daughter had a great day. She didn't win everything, and specifically not the class that she wanted to win. She was beat fair and square on a written test. But she had fun, enjoyed the fair and we were both EXHAUSTED. Up at 4:00 am and home by 7:30... 

I was not at all tempted to eat FAIR FOOD. I drank coffee (LOTS) and snacked on what I brought from home - bacon, cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, cheese stick, a siggis tube of yogurt... Chili and a Vodka soda were my reward when we got home...

Today my husband goes for his first hypnosis session..
I have already thrown out soda and bread and old condiments.
I will stock the fridge with whole foods that my husband likes.
I want him to succeed and I hope I get a bounce right with him!

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