Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just Going with the Flow

Half days of school are worthless and disruptive. My schedule is all out of whack, I still have to get cranky kids out of bed for a day of movies and Halloween parties, and when they come home just minutes from the time I shoo'd them out the door they think Julie McCoy should be waiting  with a list of things to do that are FUN....

I've got nothing to offer but grocery shopping, piano lessons and confirmation class... There is pulled pork cooking in the crock pot. Why a day that was cut 3 hours short should turn into a national holiday is beyond me.  And why there should be another half day on Friday and a full day off next Tuesday leaves me shaking my head and wondering if we'll ever get into a routine. At least by next Tuesday the leaves should all have dropped.  Raking leaves is still FUN, isn't it?

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