Friday, November 01, 2013

Fitting it all in...

I am a driving service. I pick up, I wait, I bring home. I am "on call" for last minute plans; and because I am hyper-vigilant about my oldest daughter - I am typically the mom of last resort. Apparently some parents actually say NO to their kids... My problem is fitting in time for myself as it all seems so complicated. On a typical Thursday, I am out of work at 2, pick up DD2 at 2:15, bring to piano lesson 2:30-3, bring DD1 home, crack homework whip, make dinner. Bring DD1 to horseback riding. Pick up DD2 from play practice at 5 and bring friends home. Go back and pick up DD1. Have dinner? DD2 homework? It's now after 7 p.m. I walk the dog, but  I've been up since 5 a.m. so there is no way I can go to the gym for a workout- nor would I want to leave both kids together without worrying (sad but true).

I am not whining, but there are days when I have to put it down in writing so I will stop beating myself up for not working out more. I have two days that are permanently scheduled for workouts. One is Wednesday morning spin. I LOVE this teacher, I LOVE the music, and the workout is KILLER - I love to spin. The second is Saturday morning 6 a.m. with my sisters which is typically a longish run (5-6 miles). I have a regular 5:15 am walk with my neighbor and our dogs, but it is more therapy/bitch session than exercise.

I don't feel like I am good about just grabbing 15 minutes here or there... and I definitely feel slug like for Saturday morning runs if I haven't been able to do another during the week.  Just one more day is what I need. One more block of time for me... Something to work on... the benefits are too good to pass up!

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