Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday Thoughts...

1. Yesterday was so productive. I made a list and crossed things off: Christmas decorations down from the attic, Christmas supplies (tree stand, lights) bought at Lowes. I found the snow pants ahead of the storm this weekend, kept the laundry process going, dropped off more clothes for Good Will, cleaned out a bookcase and brought donations to the library.

2. I ran three miles at a pretty decent pace (11:36 average including my warm up/cool down walk). This means I am feeling better (minimal coughing), and my mojo is coming back.

3. Kids are really busy. Three nights in a row out until 9. They need more sleep.

4. My dog is so loving this week, she hates when we go away. Every time I sit she wants to be on me... she weighs 60 lbs.

5. I began the week on a really down note. The weekend trip, minus one fun day in Pittsburgh, was awful. Everyone was sick and tired and I was overwhelmed with the week ahead. My house was a mess. I feel 100% BETTER.

6. My daughter scared me this week by not coming right home from school Tuesday. Her phone was at home and I had no way to contact her. From 2 to 4:30 I waited.... and just as I was on the verge of a panic call to the Police Department she called.... from the library... "Why are you freaking out?!  You're so overprotective...!?"  I wanted to strangle her. Before she called, I honestly thought that this could be the worst day of my life...because this would be how it started... I don't ever want to feel that feeling again.

7. Considering smart phone with GPS for my daughter...

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