Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Define Your Day

I have a choice every morning to wake with a smile, hug my dog and dress for my walk OR deny the alarm went off, wait until the last possible moment and rush to meet my neighbor disheveled and complaining. I can come home refreshed and ready for the day OR I can allow my grumpy, tired and still slightly sick children to push me into reacting in an equally grumpy, tired and still slightly sick way. I know I have a choice - Today I chose a mixture of the two.  There is always room for improvement...

I didn't yell when I saw the undone math homework on the coffee table. I didn't yell when my oldest said she was up and wasn't. I didn't react when my youngest rolled her eyes and clenched her teeth when I asked her to brush her hair. I didn't say a word when my oldest finally revealed today's outfit which included my white peep-toe heels. "Um, you know it's gonna snow today?!" was all I said. Another morning on the books.

I feel a little off. I feel like I could cry about anything - the Sandy Hook anniversary, the awful weekend I had, the state of my house, the amount of stuff I have to do... I am considering an anti-depressant for the winter (again). I don't want to muscle through, when I know I can feel better. I deserve to feel better.

I've decided to have a good day! I am going to run 3 miles... although it is snowing... I guess we'll see what it looks like at noon. I will get outside and do something physical - shoveling snow!? My FITBIT arrived last night. I am torn - Should I wait til XMAS since I bought one for DH or should I get mine up and running so I can help DH actually use his?  Stay tuned...

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