Monday, March 10, 2014

MONDAY... Any way you look at it...

Weekend was productive to a point. Taxes are done and instead of an expected, desperately needed refund - we will pay for the first time. DH was pissed, blew off the Sunday and went to work to stew. I worried, did laundry, errands, and kid duty... With all the stress in the air, DD1 ended her day with a big blow up fight. It was not pretty. My life is not pretty some days.

Here it is Monday. I have so much to do at work because I will be out all day Thursday, but motivation is lacking, and I am tired from interrupted sleep and the joy of daylight savings time. My breakfast is 2 Larabars. Don't judge. WHOLE30 - Day 28. It has been a struggle to be strict with no microwave. I am doing the best I can. Still no dairy, sugar - but I did have a few banana chips, had nuts Saturday after swearing them off and I have no idea what fat was used to cook my eggs... Two more days and maybe more... I am not deprived. Just trying to get through Monday.

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