Friday, March 07, 2014


The first full week of Kitchen Chaos is done and we have major progress. The cook area has a stronger roof with actual supports. The wiring and plumbing are done. The ceiling is level.

The new door is in. I have wanted to move the door since we've lived in this house. I still can't believe it's finally done. I love the transom window. We'll actually have a "landing pad" for coats/boots and other clutter. We picked recessed lighting throughout and no chandelier. We'll have pendants over the bar and sink - and they are cheap!

Cheap is good because there have been several "while we have this open" moments - plumbing/electrical mostly that I haven't seen a bill for yet and it's a little scary to think about given our tight budget.

Next week will be insulation, blue board, flooring - in that order. The cabinets will be delivered St Patrick's Day provided we are not delayed. A storm is on the horizon for next Wednesday. Fingers crossed it is nothing... Miss Agnes has been so awesome. She's just hanging in the bedroom while I'm at work and doesn't seem to mind all the changes. It's funny how much I worried about the kids and dog - how they would function with the mess. They are just rolling with it and I couldn't be happier.
On tap this weekend will be a sister run at 6:30 am tomorrow - my first run in about a month. I am also going to get to the gym Saturday, Sunday or both. We've got a lot going on next week so I want to keep things low key and regroup - laundry, home, food. I feel like I am in a good place mentally. I am psyched it will be daylight savings - That always seems to break my winter cycle of isolation. Spring is coming!! 

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